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EASAPS congress - Bucharest, 6 - 7 October 2017

We have this great opportunity to invite your National Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery to join us, sending free papers from your members (which will be evaluated by the EASAPS scientific committee) or papers selected by your own society, to participate at the “Voice of Europe” contest for the “Ulrich T. Hinderer” prize.

Friday6th October, 2017
EASAPS Congress


“New York Auditorium Hall”


EASAPS / ISAPS Joint Session (from 8-13)


EASAPS Free papers (from 14 -18)


Darclee Hall”


"Hot Topics" Debate with Pros/Cons (from 14-16) 
           - tissue reaction and breast implants 
           - round / anatomical implants 
           -  retrofascial / retropectoral pocket 
            -  smooth/textured implants 
           - fat transfer drawbacks 

   How I do it - difficult cases (from 16-18)
            - mastopexy & breast augmentation 
            - revision surgery in breast augmentation 
            - facial fillers complication


EASAPS ExCo Meeting (from 18 - 20)


Faculty Dinner from 20.00


Saturday, 7th October, 2017

“New York Auditorium Hall”


EASAPS “Voice of Europe” (from 8 -13)

EASAPS Free papers (from 14-18) 


Closing Ceremony 18.00


EASAPS General Assembly (14-16) in “Darclee Hall”  


Gala Dinner from 20.00


EASAPS Faculties (to be confirmed)


Alexis Verpaele (Belgium)
Andreas Printzlau (Denmark)
Antonio de la Fuente (Spain)
Apostolos Mandrecas (Greece)
Birgit Stark (Sweden)
Csaba Molnar (Hungary)
Eric Auclair (France)
Gianluca Campiglio (Italy)
Giovanni Botti (Italy)
Isabel de Benito Molina (Spain)
Ivar van Heijningen (Belgium)
Joachim von Finkenstain (Germany)
Jose Carlos Parrera (Portugal)
Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder (Austria)
Magnus Noah (Germany)
Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Italy)
Michael Tarambe (Greece)
Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)
Nigel Mercer (UK)
Norbert Pallua (Germany)
Panagiotis Mantalos (Greece)
Renato Saltz (USA)
Timo Pakkanen (Finland)
Vakis Kontoes (Greece)
Violeta Skorobac (Serbia)
Radu Ionescu (Romania)
Dana Jianu (Romania) 
Dragos Zamfirescu (Romania)
Toma T. Mugea (Romania) 
Dan Enescu (Romania) 

The EASAPS Congress has the endorsement of the RASS (Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society) and ROAPS (Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons).


EASAPS Congress fees, including the ISAPS Symposium:

             Before 1st June 2017         From June - October        On site

Residents:        150 Euros                        200 Euros                250 Euros
Specialists:      300 Euros                        400 Euros                450 Euros


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