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Welcome to the website of the RBSPS.
Official portal of Belgian plastic surgery.

- This is the “professional” part of our website. There are also two other sections, respectively for the “general public” and the press.

- In this section you will not only find information about our scientific activities (congresses and meetings), but also the view of the RBSPS taken in the social debate concerning our discipline (see section “info”).

- We remind all Belgian and Luxembourger plastic surgeons, accredited or trainee, that their registration on the website of Belgian plastic surgery is only on a complete voluntary basis. Only accredited plastic surgeons who practise in Belgium (member or not of the RBSPS) will find their name appearing in the lists for the general public in the section “find a surgeon”. All registered surgeons (accredited or trainee) will receive newsletters of the RBSPS and the professional association.

- Foreign doctors who would like to obtain information about practising plastic surgery in Belgium, could consult the sections “training centers” and “info”.

- About the languages: most of the information that you will find on this website has been written in three languages (French, Dutch and English). However, for the sake of convenience, the information that is specifically for health professionals and members of the Society, is mostly only been written in English.

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