Royal Belgian Society

Non-hospital facilities

- Intriguingly, there are currently no standards governing non-hospital facilities where cosmetic surgery is performed.
This has two consequences:

  • The first is that practitioners are forced to "certify" their centers by foreign sources (ISO, AAAAFS ...) to prove that they meet foreign safety!
  • The second is an increase of the amount of centers with if not dangerous at least doubtful practices.

- The RBSP believes that non-hospital facilities should be subject to official architectural, functional, organizational and material standards. These standards should relate to a clear hierarchy with several levels depending on the type of surgical procedures and the type of anesthesia that are performed. The system already exists in the U.S. and has proven its efficiency.

- The RBSP however is vigorously opposed to the idea of imposing non-hospital facilities exactly the same rules as the governing hospitals (especially administrative standards). It would make disappear high-quality institutions in favor of conventional hospitals which would not be able to cope with these extra patients.