Royal Belgian Society

Non-surgical aesthetic medicine

- The non-surgical aesthetic medicine has the same goals as aesthetic surgery: it aims to change the physical appearance of a person, upon request, for aesthetic reasons without therapeutic or reconstructive goal but only by non-surgical methods.
By definition, acts of non-surgical aesthetic medicine are not subject to intervention by the compulsory health insurance.

- Non-surgical aesthetic medicine is currently not a recognized medical specialty.

- The RBSPS campaigns for a formal training, thus resulting in the recognition of a medical specialty.
General practitioners who gradually specialize in this discipline and are member of a Belgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (non-surgical) could hence obtain a deserved recognition.

- In this context, the RBSPS insists that the official name of this specialty would be " Non Surgical Aesthetic Medicine " to avoid confusion with the title of Aesthetic Surgery, a specialty recognized for several decades.

- The RBSP is opposed to the idea that practitioners who have not received an adequate surgical training can perform surgical procedures. Liposuction, as confirmed by the Royal Academy of Medicine, is a surgical procedure.