Royal Belgian Society

The key messages of the RBSPS towards the patients

- The cult of appearance and the search of an appealing body image at all ages, encouraged by media exposure, have overtime become real social phenomena. Meanwhile, the industry of "cosmeticeuticals" and "cosmetic well-being” potentiates the popular craze for medical aesthetics.
- In this context, the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery (RBSPS) and the Professional Association of Plastic Surgeons Belgium (GBS) would like to recall some fundamental principles regarding the practice of their discipline:

  • Plastic surgery, and especially one of its two core disciplines, aesthetic surgery is a medical activity. It is never trivial. It is in no way a commercial practice.
  • Any invasive aesthetic medical handling (surgical or nonsurgical) is subject to indications and contra-indications.
  • Any invasive aesthetic medical handling (surgical or nonsurgical) may involve dangers (unexpected side effects) or cause complications.
  • Any plastic surgical treatment requires a thorough preoperative and postoperative management by the surgeon (and the team) performing the operation.
  • Patients should be fully informed of all the clinical (in essence: indications, contra-indications, dangers, complications ...) and administrative details (costs, fees, possible non reimbursement by social security and / or private insurance etc ...)