Royal Belgian Society

Competences and skills

- In Belgium, any holder of the degree of medical doctor has the right to practice all aspects of the medical art in the limits of what he considers to be in the field of his competence (cosmetic surgery is, like all other specialties, a medical discipline).

- The RBSPS estimates that to perform surgery in safe conditions, it is necessary to have received appropriate training.

- In our country, all officially recognized professional surgical training requires a full-time presence of 6 years in a training centre recognized by the Ministry of Public Health, after having obtained a medical degree.
A training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery more in particular requires a minimum of 2 years service in a recognized training centre for general surgery followed by 4 years of training in a recognized training centre for plastic surgery.
Moreover the training in plastic surgery is also organized by the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum Belgicum with regular examinations and knowledge appraisals.

- Within this training scheme the candidates are expected to learn surgical techniques through supervised practice working alongside experienced plastic surgeons appointed by the Ministry of Public Health. Just as important (or even more important), is learning "the management of the surgical patient" which allows the future practitioner to manage diseases, indications for surgery, emergencies, resuscitation, and of course to manage complications of all kinds if these would occur.

- The knowledge patiently gained by the candidates through hard work over the years can not be replaced by ‘weekend courses’ allowing so called practitioners to obtain ‘degrees’ with fancy titles which of course have no practical nor official value.