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Prof A. De Mey

Welcome on the new site of the Belgian Society of Plastic
The Society will celebrate this year its 50th birthday.The Society plays a very important role in the teatching of the speciality and the training of the future plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery is not a new speciality.
Its goal is the correction of the human body and has different aspects:

corrective surgery:to correct birth defects,malformations.
Reconstructive surgery:to correct missing or destroyed parts of the body due to trauma,illness or surgery.
Esthetic surgery:to correct the shape of the body or the sequellae of aging. This part of Plastic surgery has long been discredited but is now developping rapidly due to the disapperance of taboos and a higher safety of the procedures.

However,the over mediatisation of esthetic surgery leads today to a commercial drift who can end up in ethical problems.
The Belgian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and esthetic Surgery wants to emphasie that only fully trained surgeons are skilled to practice the different facets(aspects) of Plastic surgery.

Actually,if not any surgical speciality is submited to an obligation of result,there is an obligation of means among which an adequate training is an essential element.

In Belgium,to obtain the title of Plastic surgeon after the 7 years of medical school,the candidates must follow at least 2 years of general surgery and 4 years of full time training in Plastic surgery in an University department.
Besides,if Plastic surgery must be performed by recognised specialists it must also be performed in an appropriate and adequately equipped location.

In a worry to inform adequately and to guide in the best possible way the future patients in the choice of their surgeon,the Belgian society of Plastic ,Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery suggests you to visit this new site where you will find the answer to many of your questions.
However,all the subjects can not be approached and some of your questions can remain unanswered.

Donít hesitate to contact us.


Past President, 2005