Royal Belgian Society

The Professional Association (G-VBS)

- The Professional Association of the Belgian Plastic Surgeons is an emanation of the “Group of Belgian Professional Unions of Medical Specialists” (GBS). Its goal is to defend and coordinate the professional interests of the medical specialists in Belgium. The GBS is an aggregation of professional associations of each medical discipline (one per discipline), among which the one of plastic surgery.

- The main goal of the Professional Association of the Belgian Plastic Surgeons is:

  • to officially present plastic surgery to the public authorities (FPS Public Health, RIZIV/INAMI, KCE etc.) and this in collaboration with the Royal Society

  • to participate to the design of legal and regulatory frame of the practice of plastic surgery in Belgium, and this in all of its aspects

  • to defend, with ethics and honor, qualitative plastic surgery in Belgium

  • to help plastic surgeons with their official representations

- The GBS also forms part of the European Union of Medical Specialists: UEMS