Royal Belgian Society

Administration of the RBSPS and the GBS

- On this page you will find information about the organisation and the administration of the Royal Belgian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (RBSPS), and of the Professional Association of Belgian Plastic Surgeons (GBS).

- The RBSPS, scientific organisation, is a non-profit association (VZW / ASBL). The directing Administrative Board in charge is elected for a period of two years. The General Assembly of the members is held at the end of the Spring Meeting.

- The Professional Association is a professional union and depends on the Belgian Group of Medical Specialists (GBS). The General Meeting takes place at the same time as the one of the Scientific Society. An Administrative Board is also then elected.

- In 2007, under the impulsion of their two General Meetings, the Administrative Board of the RBSPS and the Professional Association decided to unite into one entity for practical efficiency reasons.




  • President RBSPS and GBS : Dr Gaëtan Willemart (Brussels)
  • President-elect RBSPS and GBS : Prof Moustapha Hamdi (Brussels)
  • 2nd Vice President GBS : Dr Marianne Mertens (Antwerpen)
  • Ex-President RBSPS and GBS : Dr Frans Missotten (Leuven) - Dr Jean-Luc Nizet (Liège)
  • Treasurer RBSPS and GBS : Dr Steven Colpaert (Antwerpen)
  • Secretary RBSPS and GBS : Dr Pascal Castus (Brussels)
  • Advisors : Dr Xavier Nelissen (Liège) - Dr Bob Vermeulen (Genk)
  • Advisor Aesthetics : Dr Alex Verpaele (Gent)
  • Advisor Microsurgery : Prof Jan Vranckx (Leuven)
  • Advisor Paediatric Plastic Surgery : Dr Diane Franck (Brussels)
  • Advisor Research : Dr Benoit Hendrickx (Brussels)
  • Advisor International Communication : Dr Ivar Van Heijningen (Knokke)
  • Advisor GBS / VBS : Dr Steven Colpaert (Antwerpen)
  • Advisor GBS / VBS : Dr Marianne Mertens (Antwerpen)
  • Advisor GBS / VBS : Dr Frans Missotten (Leuven)
  • Advisor GBS / VBS : Dr Jean-Luc Nizet (Liège)
  • Advisor GBS / VBS : Dr Jean Van Geertruyden (Brussels)


RBSPS = Royal Belgian Society of Plastic Surgery
GBS = Professional Association of Belgian Plastic Surgeons