The Royal Belgian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (RBSPS) is an official and recognized entity at both national and international level.

Whether it is the first time you register or renew your membership, it is legitimate to ask:

why become or remain a member of the RBSPS?

Although this membership process may seem obvious to some, it is less logical for others, especially for trainees.

As a candidate-specialist you can join the BRPS-RBSPS via this link.



As a member of the scientific society RBSPS, you are automatically a member of the professional association VBS-GBS with advantages such as more information about your training or your accreditation, but also for everything related to your entry into professional life,... You will be guided through the first legal or other confrontations, and an insurance programme at preferential conditions will be offered to you.

Thanks to our newsletters, social media and a group on the Siilo app, you will find current and relevant information to practice your profession.

As a member of the RBSPS, you will not only participate at an advantageous fee to our spring and autumn meetings, you will also enjoy the benefits of attending meetings of all ICOPLAST societies.

All advantages can be found in our brochure in Dutch / French.


Membership fees

Type of member according to our bylaws Annual fees

Effective member

450 EUR

Associate member:

-     candidate member

-     candidate member in training

235 EUR

100 EUR

Associate member

200 EUR

Foreign member

 200 EUR


Your RBSPS membership will be renewed automatically. You will receive your membership fee invoice at the beginning of a new year. Please send your updated invoicing details to

Any member can resign from our society at any time. Resignation must be notified in writing to the President of the Board of Directors. The membership fee remains due for the current year.

Members who do not pay their membership fee during the current membership year are considered to be resigned. Two payment reminders will be sent.

As a Senior Member you will no longer pay membership fees and have no right to vote at the General Assembly, but you will continue to be informed of our activities.


How can I become a member?

Click on the "subscribe" button here above, and submit us:

  • your curriculum vitae
  • the names of your 2 sponsors
  • the certificate with your RIZIV/INAMI number -210.