Mastectomy is a major factor in determining the type and aesthetic result of the reconstructed breast. Therefore the design of the mastectomy needs to be carefully tailored to the individual patient and the type of breast reconstruction she will have.

In the specialized breast clinics you are guided through the treatment process, supervised closely by a multidisciplinary team. In the first instance, in consultation with you, the choice of mastectomy that is right for you will be made from the following options: 

  • traditional mastectomy, with complete removal of the breast tissue, a large lap of skin around the tumor and the nipple and areola (coloured surface around the nipple)
  • skin-sparing mastectomy, where the skin of the breast is preserved as much as possible, but not the nipple, nor areola
  • nipple-areola-sparing mastectomy, where the entire shell of the breast is saved
  • breast lift / breast reduction.