Over the past years, we have received a lot of e-mails with requests for information. To reply them individually takes an enormous amount of time. Between sending the e-mail and receiving an answer, often takes too long for those who need a rapid reply to their questions.

As we experienced that in about 95% of the cases all questions were identical, we decided, to improve efficiency, to close down our e-mail address and to reply to questions in a more general way.

So we advise you to consult our "recommendations". We are sure, that there you will find most of the answers you are looking for.

In case of any doubt, a face-to-face consultation with a recognized plastic surgeon (not through the internet) certainly is the best solution. You can find a list of them on the page "find a surgeon".

Find a plastic surgeon

Are you looking for a certified plastic surgeon? Find here a list of plastic surgeons - reconstructive and aesthetic - who are recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Health. The list is presented alphabetically, by location and by hospital. No other information than the one mentioned will be communicated by e-mail.