Plastic Surgery, a recognized discipline in Belgium

- The official recognition of the title of Medical Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery is subject to approval of the Minister of Well-Being, Public Health Care and Environment, through the Ministerial Decrees of 18 July 1979 and 12 December 2002.

- Nowadays, a complete training requires, after having obtained the diploma of Medical Doctor recognized in Belgium (seven years), a minimum of two years of internship in an approved department of General Surgery, followed by a minimum of four years of internship in an approved training department of Plastic Surgery. The departments of internship (training centers) are approved by the Minister, depending on qualitative criteria and quantitative decrees in the same Ministerial Decrees. 

- The charge of control of the training of the candidate specialists and the training centers where they accomplish their internship, is allocated to the Ministerial Authorization Committee: the French speaking Chamber and the Dutch speaking Chamber. 

- The Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum, emanation of the Belgian Society of Plastic Surgery, assures the annual control of the knowledge of the candidate specialists on basis of exams organized on a national level.